Why Join The Michigan Responsibility Council?

Together we are industry advocates

Everyone knows there is strength in numbers.  That's why we formed the MRC and became Michigan's premier cannabis association.  

We Focus on the Politics So you can Focus on Your Business

Even though Michigan has technically legalized Medical Marihuana, the laws for growing, processing and dispensing haven't been fully adopted resulting in a dysfunctional system for those eligible to utilize marihuana. The MRC has licensed advocates with strong relationships to Lansing lawmakers who are committed to educating and assisting them in writing clear, sensible, workable laws and regulations.

In addition to our relationships in Lansing, we have long-standing relationships with elected and appointed officials in municipalities across Michigan.  As the regulations change, we will be able to help businesses locate and establish legitimate cannabis businesses in welcoming cities. 

Preparation for the state regulatory process

By joining The MRC you will have firsthand insight into the upcoming regulatory process that is being created right now. We will give you the information you need to make sure you know before the time comes to fill out an application for the state regulation system. 

Being part of the Council gives you more clout and connections in our enormous state government arena. Become part of Michigan's  premier industry council and start receiving member benefits today!  Memberships will become available when licensing commences.

Sustaining Members

Sustaining memberships are $1000 per year.  Members will receive the benefits of collective state and federal lobbying efforts and  networking opportunities.  All members get a listing and link in our association directory, which is a go-to resource for professionals looking for the top names in the Michigan cannabis industry.  They also will receive a membership card and subscription to our newsletter

Associate Members

Associate memberships are $120 per year.  Associate members receive a MRC card and a subscription to our newsletter.

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